Masterpiece - The Single
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Masterpiece - The Single

Notice: This song is about Jesus, but Scott is not a Christian any more!

Masterpiece is Scott Horlbeck's vocal and multi-instrumental performance debut. Originally written for the Denver Christmas Conference in 2003 and played to an audience of over 2,000 college students, the song subsquently went into hiding because Scott had no opportunity to record. Now that Scott has gathered the resources and experience to record it properly, the world can once again experience the song that left thousands wanting more.


You painted the skies and sculpted the mountains
Every life began at Your cue
You’ve woven a plotline with intricate details
And made us to be a reflection of You

You are an artist and we are Your painting
You’re a composer and we are Your song
You are a writer and this is Your story
That we are Your masterpiece made for Your Son

And we celebrate You
For You remain the same
Such harmony at the sound of Your Name
Jesus, molding us with the truth
Giving us life everlasting in You
Beauty is not brought forth overnight
Ages of sorrow and pain is our plight
But when Your Day has come and everything has been set straight
Your Masterpiece will shine forever
Transcending all that You've created.

I believe that God created the universe as
an expression of His own perfections
That we, being made in His image,
represent His glory, and His excellency
If this is so, then God is the center of all things,
worthy of our highest affections, our greatest pursuit
God must be loved above all else

And we celebrate You
For You remain the same
Such harmony at the sound of Your Name
Jesus, the empty tomb is the proof
That God's masterpiece is perfected in You

You are an artist...
And we are Your masterpiece, made for Your Son

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Music by Scott Horlbeck. Lyrics by Scott Horlbeck, T.J. Cook, and Cammy Cook. Guitar (acoustic, electric, lead), bass, drums, piano, and lead/background vocals performed by Scott Horlbeck. Orchestral arrangement, programming, and sequencing by Scott Horlbeck. Orchestral samples included in this recording from the Vienna Symphonic Library. Recorded in Albuquerque, NM. Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Scott Horlbeck. Photo by Ben Moore. Album artwork by Scott Horlbeck.
Thanks to: Jesus - You are my everything and the reason that I sing; my wonderful parents for all your love and support; all my family, friends, roommates, coworkers, former teachers, late dog Scruffy, and especially my fans for all your support and encouragement in my musical endeavors. Thanks also to: Cook family for collaboration and musical inspiration; DCC 2003 for being the reason and the venue for the first performance; Joey Belville for instruction in recording and help with technical problems; Matt Anderson for your fresh ears on the final mix. Special thanks to Dave Lynch for letting me record with his incredible bass guitar! In memory of Lauren Leder.