About Scott Horlbeck

I'm a web developer, composer, and creative professional in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I studied music theory and composition at UNM. I write and produce full orchestral scores, mainly for The Swistaa Project, although I do other work as well. I also write music in a variety of styles for guitar, drums, piano, bass, synth, and all that jazz... Well, except for jazz. But I can fake it.

I also work in recording and mixing, digital video editing, photography, and basic graphic design work from time to time. I hold the following certifications in the Apple Pro training series:

Apple Pro Certification in Logic Pro 8, Level 1

Apple Pro Certification in Final Cut Pro X, Level 2

(I'm actually a level two in Final Cut Pro X, but I'm too lazy to update the graphic right now.)

Feel free to check out my music on the home page, my YouTube channel (which has little to do with music at the moment), and anything else that's still floating around out there online.